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What’s wrong with that deer?

We get LOTS of photos of deer with wart-like, hairless tumors on their brown coats.  These unsightly masses are more often than not cutaneous fibromas.  They can develop anywhere on the body (see attached photos).  Fibromas are caused by a virus.  The virus is… Continue Reading “What’s wrong with that deer?”

Banded Doves

What a decade of data has shown This month, dove hunters will be partaking in one of the most active wing-shooting seasons of the year. At about the same time, dove biologists will be closing out the busiest dove monitoring project in the United… Continue Reading “Banded Doves”

Controlled Burns and Wildlife

Find a Burn, Bag a Buck …or a bear, potentially a turkey, maybe even a grouse. Controlled burning improves wildlife habitat, and hunters should consider a new twist in their scouting this fall; find a burned area! Fire has shaped Pennsylvania’s wildlife habitats for thousands… Continue Reading “Controlled Burns and Wildlife”

Duck Banding

This summer, waterfowl biologists across the state and the nation are capturing ducks and placing identification bands on them. The leg bands help biologists to learn about the migration patterns, harvest rates and life expectancy of the birds. Watch this video to learn more… Continue Reading “Duck Banding”

We want to hear from you!

Seeking Input ‘The Pennsylvania Game Commission and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) are seeking public input through Sept. 11 on the draft 2015-2025 Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan. The draft plan and comment forms can be found at: http://fishandboat.com/swap2015.htm. Questions can be directed to the… Continue Reading “We want to hear from you!”

Tree Stand Safety

August is tree stand safety month. Watch this Hunter-ed video for some tips on how to be safe when in the stand this season. Tree Stand Safety Month

Keep the Wild In Wildlife

It’s undeniable – baby animals are adorable. And fawns top the list.  It’s understandable why people might think that raising a fawn or any wild animal as a pet is a tempting and exciting idea. It’s also undeniable that this is a very bad… Continue Reading “Keep the Wild In Wildlife”

Gypsy Moths

In a recent blog post, I discussed the benefits of a warm and dry period in the spring that was beneficial for the development of acorns. We received numerous comments since that posting about a different benefactor of that warm, dry spell this spring. It… Continue Reading “Gypsy Moths”

Acorn Production

As long as there are no more frosts, the 2015 Pennsylvania spring weather should result in a great acorn crop for both 2015 and 2016 said Pennsylvania Game Commission Forestry Division Chief Dave Gustafson. How can he predict the 2016 crop? There are two… Continue Reading “Acorn Production”

Fall Programs and Events

The Game Commission is hosting several fall programs in Elk County and one at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. View the schedule below. September 27 Visit with the Game Commission, Elk County Visit with the Game Commission on the elk range at Winslow… Continue Reading “Fall Programs and Events”