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Cavity Nesting Birds are Losing Habitat

About half of Pennsylvania is forested, and slightly more than half of that forestland is dominated by large trees. Only a small percentage of these large trees are dead, deteriorating or harboring cavities that birds and mammals use for dens or nest sites. To… Continue Reading “Cavity Nesting Birds are Losing Habitat”

Pittman-Robertson Act

How do hunters fund conservation efforts? Did you know that wildlife and habitat management as well as public hunting lands are funded by sportsmen? This occurs in several ways. When hunting licenses, permits and tags are purchased, it provides direct revenue to the Game… Continue Reading “Pittman-Robertson Act”

The very lively “dead of winter”

Deer rifles have been oiled and put away, the Game Land parking lots are empty and formerly orange-clad hunters are reminiscing about the past season’s successes and woes (with the exception of a few die-hard small game and canine hunters still out there). Does… Continue Reading “The very lively “dead of winter””