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Keep the Wild In Wildlife

It’s undeniable – baby animals are adorable. And fawns top the list.  It’s understandable why people might think that raising a fawn or any wild animal as a pet is a tempting and exciting idea. It’s also undeniable that this is a very bad… Continue Reading “Keep the Wild In Wildlife”

The very lively “dead of winter”

Deer rifles have been oiled and put away, the Game Land parking lots are empty and formerly orange-clad hunters are reminiscing about the past season’s successes and woes (with the exception of a few die-hard small game and canine hunters still out there). Does… Continue Reading “The very lively “dead of winter””

Broadband, with a Bird’s Eye View

This post has been shared with permission from the Comcast Voices blog. We appreciate Comcast Business’s support of the 2015 bald eagle nest live stream project. By Dave Dombroski, VP of Comcast Business, Keystone “Can you wire a tree with broadband?” That was the question posed to… Continue Reading “Broadband, with a Bird’s Eye View”

Benefits of Bats

As Halloween approaches, images of bats becomes more prevalent. Bats have a bad reputation for carrying diseases and getting tangled in hair. However, these tiny flying mammals provide great benefits to humans. BENEFITS OF BATS Bats are the only major predators of night flying insects.… Continue Reading “Benefits of Bats”