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Give the Gift of Conservation

  You can help support Pennsylvania wildlife through the purchase of several Pennsylvania Game Commission products. This year, for the first time, the Game Commission is offering a 2016 calendar featuring the birds of Pennsylvania. This calendar is full of stunning images of native birds.… Continue Reading “Give the Gift of Conservation”

Pennsylvania State Game Lands

The Pennsylvania state game lands system, which since 1919 has provided critical habitat for wildlife statewide, and a network of lands open to public hunting and trapping, now tops 1.5 million acres. That’s a land base larger than the state of Delaware. Pennsylvania is… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania State Game Lands”

Antlers and Age

Antlers are an endless source of conversation. A common question is at what age do bucks exhibit a decline in antler size.    Antler development is influenced by age, annual and permanent environmental conditions, the individual’s nutritional state as well as genetics. As a… Continue Reading “Antlers and Age”

Those fawns might not be traveling with mom.

Does and fawns are often seen together in the winter. Everyone knows that it is mom and her fawns from last spring. But as usual things aren’t always as they seem in the deer world. There is a theory that orphaned male fawns are less likely to… Continue Reading “Those fawns might not be traveling with mom.”

Pittman-Robertson Act

How do hunters fund conservation efforts? Did you know that wildlife and habitat management as well as public hunting lands are funded by sportsmen? This occurs in several ways. When hunting licenses, permits and tags are purchased, it provides direct revenue to the Game… Continue Reading “Pittman-Robertson Act”

“No Place I’d Rather Be”

Spending time in nature Building memories with loved ones Getting meat for the freezer What does hunting mean to you? GoHuntPA!

Operation Game Thief

  If you see poaching activity, you can now report the details through an online system called Operation Game Thief. The program will collect important information and send it to the appropriate region office. Upon dispatcher review, the report will be forwarded to an… Continue Reading “Operation Game Thief”

Chronic Wasting Disease, Disease Management Areas and Approved Locations

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) affects the brain and nervous system of infected cervids (deer, elk and moose) eventually resulting in death. Current Status:  Chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been detected in three locations in Pennsylvania: a captive deer farm in Adams County (fall 2012);… Continue Reading “Chronic Wasting Disease, Disease Management Areas and Approved Locations”

Tis the Season to Complete Hunter-Trapper Education

Firearms deer season is right around the corner. Have you completed your hunter-trapper education? By state law, all first-time hunters and trappers, regardless of age, must successfully complete hunter-trapper education before purchasing a hunting or furtaker license. Course Options Students must be at least… Continue Reading “Tis the Season to Complete Hunter-Trapper Education”

How Homeowners Can Reduce Conflicts with Bears

If you live in one of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania that has black bears, chances are you’ve seen a black bear or know someone who has seen one. The Pennsylvania black bear population has grown considerably in the past 40 years. In the… Continue Reading “How Homeowners Can Reduce Conflicts with Bears”