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Hunters Reminded to Report Banded Pheasants

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is finalizing a study to assess harvest rates of ring-necked pheasants raised on game farms, then released to provide hunting opportunities in Pennsylvania.   Game Commission wildlife biometrician Josh Johnson said about 5,500 pheasants were banded before release on public… Continue Reading “Hunters Reminded to Report Banded Pheasants”

2016 Seedlings for Schools

Schools can order tree seedlings through the Seedlings for Schools Program. The Pennsylvania Game Commission once again is helping students learn about the vital role trees play in the environment. The “Seedlings for Schools” program provides tree seedlings to classrooms so students can plant… Continue Reading “2016 Seedlings for Schools”

Be a Conservation Hero!

Poachers are thieves. Help us catch them. Have you witnessed a wildlife crime against big game (deer, turkey, bear and elk) or a species that is protected, endangered or threatened? Call Operation Game Thief’s toll-free hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,… Continue Reading “Be a Conservation Hero!”

Cavity Nesting Birds are Losing Habitat

About half of Pennsylvania is forested, and slightly more than half of that forestland is dominated by large trees. Only a small percentage of these large trees are dead, deteriorating or harboring cavities that birds and mammals use for dens or nest sites. To… Continue Reading “Cavity Nesting Birds are Losing Habitat”

Dead Trees are Important to Wildlife

Prior to European colonization, much of the state was covered by a dense forestland that had a substantial number of dead and dying trees. It was a great time for cavity-nesting birds and squirrels. The state’s settlement, of course, would change that eventually. And… Continue Reading “Dead Trees are Important to Wildlife”

Stomach Bug

It’s not a surprise when someone is feeling under the weather this time of year. Runny noses, fevers, and the dreaded stomach bug which makes 24 hours feel like 24 days. But compared to deer, humans are fragile and weak. The injuries and parasites… Continue Reading “Stomach Bug”

Berry Good Birding

  Wild Winter Fruits Attract Many Birds Birds eat wild fruits by the basketful. If you want to find birds, just find some wild berries. In winter, persistent berries such as staghorn sumac, poison ivy, juniper and winterberry are magnets for wandering flocks of… Continue Reading “Berry Good Birding”


Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough has announced a temporary closure to feral swine hunting in Butler County. Feral swine are not native to Pennsylvania, but sometimes are found roaming freely on public and private lands. Because of the damage feral swine… Continue Reading “FERAL SWINE HUNTING TEMPORARILY CLOSED IN BUTLER COUNTY”

Join the Christmas Bird Count

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials are urging wildlife enthusiasts to join the tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the United States in the Audubon Society’s 116th Annual Christmas Bird Count, taking place through Jan. 5. Participants in this year’s count already are excitedly reporting their… Continue Reading “Join the Christmas Bird Count”

Return of the Eagle Cam

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is pleased to announce the 2016 Hanover, Pa. bald eagle nest live stream!* Watch bald eagle nest activities LIVE here: If you enjoy watching the eagles and would like to contribute to the conservation of Pennsylvania wildlife here are… Continue Reading “Return of the Eagle Cam”