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Learn How to Score Your Buck

Do you want to learn how to score your buck antlers? Friday at noon, join us LIVE on Facebook as Pennsylvania Big Game Scoring Program Coordinator Bob D’Angelo demonstrates the official scoring process. There will be a short question and answer period following the… Continue Reading “Learn How to Score Your Buck”

Bubba Was Here

He’s of prime age and is available. He hangs with the bucks in the Yoak gang, but he is not the biggest or the baddest. He passed by on Tues. at 3 o’clock. This is a lot to communicate, but deer can get this information… Continue Reading “Bubba Was Here”

Pennsylvania Elk Hunting FAQ

Applying for an Elk License How do I apply for and check the status of an elk license application? Applicants can make application and check on the status of an elk license application through the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS) at Click the first… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania Elk Hunting FAQ”

2016-17 Hunting and Furtaker Licenses On Sale

Buy your 2016-17 hunting or furtaker license online or at an issuing agent today!    

Saving a Life- How to Feed and Care for a Fawn

Being little is hard. Here’s how to lend a helping hand. Babies of all shapes and sizes are popping up everywhere.  Fawns are arguably the cutest ones of the bunch. But they are so little and helpless and often abandoned.  If you come across… Continue Reading “Saving a Life- How to Feed and Care for a Fawn”

Osprey Nest Survey

This year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is conducting a statewide survey of osprey nests. The osprey is one of Pennsylvania’s most popular raptors. Like the bald eagle, it is a charismatic bird of conservation concern that is strongly associated with aquatic habitats. Yet often it is… Continue Reading “Osprey Nest Survey”

Bald Eagle Nest Etiquette

There are few sights more thrilling than a bald eagle at its nest or in action along a shoreline. Responsibilities come with this enjoyment. As you enjoy eagles, you must ensure your presence and behavior do not have a detrimental effect on the eagles… Continue Reading “Bald Eagle Nest Etiquette”

#PGCeaglecam NEWS

3/30/16 UPDATE It appears the eaglet that hatched on Monday night on the ‪#‎PGCeaglecam‬ did not survive. As we’ve noted, the live stream provides an opportunity to view wildlife in its natural setting. Sometimes, that may include scenes that are difficult to watch. The… Continue Reading “#PGCeaglecam NEWS”

Pennsylvania Bald Eagles Webinar

Join the Pennsylvania Game Commission for a webinar on Mar 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT. Register now! The Pennsylvania Game Commission Endangered Bird Specialist Patti Barber will be discussing the habits, biology and population of Pennsylvania bald eagles. The session will include a short PowerPoint… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania Bald Eagles Webinar”

2015-16 Deer Harvest Estimates

Results are now available for the 2015-16 deer seasons, which closed in January. Hunters harvested an estimated 315,813 deer – an increase of about 4 percent compared to the 2014-15 harvest of 303,973. Agency staff currently is working to develop 2016-17 antlerless deer license allocation recommendations,… Continue Reading “2015-16 Deer Harvest Estimates”