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Be a Mentor-Experience the Hunt for the First Time, Again

There’s still time to make amazing spring gobbler hunting memories. Mentor a youth or adult on a Pennsylvania turkey hunt this season. Get a mentored youth or mentored adult permit today!

Late Season—No Time to Give Up on Gobblers

by Steve Sorensen When the spring gobbler season is racing down the home stretch, and you have an unfilled tag, you’re desperate. You’re seeing a few hens taking a break from sitting on their nests, but they’re not attracting gobblers. The silence is deafening.… Continue Reading “Late Season—No Time to Give Up on Gobblers”

How, When, and Where to Take Pressured Public Land Gobblers

by Matt Morrett My dad was a big-time turkey hunter in Pennsylvania, when I was growing up. During my younger years, turkey hunting was all the talk where I lived. Because I was born in Pennsylvania, I always knew about deer hunting. But my… Continue Reading “How, When, and Where to Take Pressured Public Land Gobblers”

How to Take a Field Turkey

by Matt Morrett In the last decade, more and more people have tried to hunt field turkeys. The reason there has been an increase in hunters trying to take gobblers out in the field is they’re:  easy to see from a long distance; often… Continue Reading “How to Take a Field Turkey”

Double Teaming Gobblers

  When I first hunted with my husband John more than a decade ago, we agreed that I would turkey hunt after he had killed a bird that season. I made all the mistakes beginning turkey hunters do and probably invented a few of… Continue Reading “Double Teaming Gobblers”

Talk Turkey With Local Hunters

By Steve Sorensen Are the how-to lessons you read in magazines often hard to apply in your neck of the woods? Do embattled gobblers in your area behave like they’ve had the survival training and experience of an Army Ranger fresh from Fallujah? I… Continue Reading “Talk Turkey With Local Hunters”

How to Introduce Kids to Turkey Hunting

With the Youth Hunt for Spring Gobblers in Pennsylvania coming up on Saturday, April 21, now is a perfect time to plan and prepare to take a young person afield in pursuit of Wild Turkeys.  Our guest author provides insight on how to ensure… Continue Reading “How to Introduce Kids to Turkey Hunting”

5 Environmental Factors Influencing Turkeys

Turkey populations in Pennsylvania as well as the entire Northeast region have been declining during the past decade. Five factors influence turkey populations and the interactions of these five factors have changed over the last 25 years. These factors are: habitat, weather, predation, disease… Continue Reading “5 Environmental Factors Influencing Turkeys”

Antlered Female Deer

Reports of antlered female white-tailed, black-tailed, and mule deer go back more than a century and have been noted throughout the whitetail’s range.  Prevalence data vary.  It was reported that 1 in 4437 “bucks” were actually antlered females harvested in Pennsylvania.  Thirty years ago,… Continue Reading “Antlered Female Deer”

Black Bear

Today at noon during a live Facebook video, Big Game Scoring Program Coordinator Bob D’Angelo will demonstrate how to properly score a black bear skull. He will be available to answer your questions at the end. Just type them into the comments section under… Continue Reading “Black Bear”