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DMA 2 Permits

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is enlisting assistance from hunters in an effort to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease. The Game Commission has developed a permit that can be used to hunt antlerless deer, but can be used only within the boundaries of what… Continue Reading “DMA 2 Permits”

Strike Up the Band(s)

This is the time of year when Pennsylvania Game Commission employees and volunteers go out in search of a common black, white and gray bird to place a small metal band on its leg. Can you guess the name of the bird? This large… Continue Reading “Strike Up the Band(s)”

Why is that state game land on fire?

In most cases, smoke rising from a Pennsylvania state game land is not reason for alarm. Pennsylvania Game Commission staff conducts prescribed burns on many game lands during the spring. Why would the Game Commission purposefully set fire to land? Controlled burns are used… Continue Reading “Why is that state game land on fire?”

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…you should be too when checking for ticks.

Did you know that the first case of Lyme disease in the United State was described in 1969 by a Wisconsin grouse hunter? It’s important for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to understand Lyme disease and take preventative steps before, during and after being outdoors.… Continue Reading “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…you should be too when checking for ticks.”

Living with Pennsylvania Black Bears

Pennsylvania black bears have emerged from their dens and are searching for food. Adult black bears can eat up to 20,000 calories per day in the fall. Even during the summer months, their caloric intake is large. Bears are opportunistic feeders. Bears find food mainly… Continue Reading “Living with Pennsylvania Black Bears”

Fast Facts about Fawns

It seems that spring is finally here! And you know what that means: Babies! Babies of all shapes and sizes. Fawns usually cause the most consternation among the public. They are cute, visible, and seemingly abandoned and helpless. Peak fawning season The peak of… Continue Reading “Fast Facts about Fawns”

Pennsylvania Bluebird Basics

Why did the bluebird population decrease? The introduction of non-native species such as English sparrows and European starlings has influenced bluebird populations in Pennsylvania. The European transplants began to dominate the nesting cavities bluebirds preferred. DDT and other harmful pesticides hampered reproduction until they… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania Bluebird Basics”

Game Recipes

Back by popular demand: The Pennsylvania Game Commission is compiling information for a new Pennsylvania Game Cookbook. The last one was published in 1979. Send us your favorite Pennsylvania big game, small game and migratory game bird recipes. Please include: • Recipe title •… Continue Reading “Game Recipes”

Successful Turkey Hunting

We would like to congratulate Sara Hay, Game Commission clerk typist in the Southwest Region Office, on harvesting her first turkey! Did you know that the Game Commission offers a course on successful turkey hunting skills? The Successful Turkey Hunting course has two has… Continue Reading “Successful Turkey Hunting”

What Types of Outdoor Recreation are Most Important?

Pennsylvania’s hunters, trappers, sport shooters and wildlife enthusiasts have the opportunity to make their opinions known. An online survey, the results of which will be considered as part of an update to the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, remains open and can be completed… Continue Reading “What Types of Outdoor Recreation are Most Important?”