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State Game Lands Tours

Those looking to gain perspective into Pennsylvania’s wildlife, habitat and hunting heritage will have several opportunities in the coming weeks to take one or more tours being offered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Sunday driving tours of several tracts of state game lands across… Continue Reading “State Game Lands Tours”

Waterfowl and Migratory Bird Season Information

Are you searching for waterfowl and migratory bird season information? See the summary below. Ducks Seasons and Bag Limits North Zone: Ducks, sea ducks, coots and mergansers, Oct. 11-Nov. 29, and Dec. 23-Jan. 10. South Zone: Ducks, sea ducks, coots and mergansers, Oct. 18-25, and… Continue Reading “Waterfowl and Migratory Bird Season Information”

Hunting for Information?

Do you want hunting information, Game Commission news, educator resources, and watchable wildlife updates delivered to your inbox? Subscribe to one of our e-mail lists! Each person on the e-mail subscription list will be entered into a weekly drawing for a gift card to Cabela’s or Field and… Continue Reading “Hunting for Information?”

Hunters are the Backbone of Conservation

Cal DuBrock recently retired from his position as the wildlife management director with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. In his honor, we’d like to share this video in which he explains why hunters are the backbone of conservation.

What to Do When Approached by a Wildlife Conservation Officer

Each year Pennsylvania wildlife conservation officers (WCOs) check thousands of hunters, trappers and game land users for compliance with wildlife laws. These officers enforce laws intended to keep people safe, protect personal property and conserve Pennsylvania’s wildlife resources. A compliance check by a wildlife conservation officer is an… Continue Reading “What to Do When Approached by a Wildlife Conservation Officer”

Private Landowner Assistance Program

I have a tract of land that I want to use to help wildlife, but I don’t know how to manage it. A team of Pennsylvania Game Commission biologists is ready to assist you in making your property more attractive for wildlife, particularly species of… Continue Reading “Private Landowner Assistance Program”

Deer Coat Color Variations

Deer that aren’t brown often get a lot of attention.  There are several conditions that can produce non-brown coloration in deer: Albinism is the result of reduction of melanin production only.  It is inherited through recessive gene alleles.  Melanin helps to protect the skin… Continue Reading “Deer Coat Color Variations”

Mentored Adult Hunting Program

The Mentored Adult Hunting Program is designed to allow first-time hunters 18 years old and older to participate in hunting through the mentorship of a  licensed hunter. Adults obtaining a permit through the program would be able to take part in hunting activities without first passing… Continue Reading “Mentored Adult Hunting Program”

What are those dark growths on that deer?

The growths in the image above appear to be cutaneous fibromas. What causes cutaneous fibromas? Cutaneous fibromas are wart-like, hairless tumors caused by a virus. The virus, which is species specific, poses no known threat to humans.  In deer the viruses that cause fibromas are probably… Continue Reading “What are those dark growths on that deer?”

Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officers

What is the difference between a deputy wildlife conservation (DWCO) officer and a wildlife conservation officer (WCO)? A deputy wildlife conservation officer volunteers to aid officers and the public with wildlife law enforcement concerns and interests, whereas a wildlife conservation officer is a full-time law enforcement employee of… Continue Reading “Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officers”