Hunt Safely. Wear a Harness.

Archery season in Pennsylvania opens statewide on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021. In an effort to reduce the number of tree stand injuries this hunting season, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is reminding archery hunters to hunt safely and to wear a harness.

Unfortunately, hundreds of hunters in Pennsylvania have been seriously injured in tree stand-related accidents. Fall-arrest systems and full-body harnesses have the ability to save lives and are the best methods for keeping hunters from being hurt in a fall.

Here are some important safety tips to remember:

  • Make sure the harness is on before climbing the ladder.
  • Read the manufacturers’ warnings and instructions before using the stand. Call the manufacturer with any questions or concerns.
  • Practice climbing before the season begins and use all provided safety devices. The transitions in and out of the stand are the most dangerous times.
  • Plan to use a haul rope to pull gear, including unloaded firearms and bows, to the tree stand from the ground once safely and properly positioned.
  • Be prepared to self-rescue, should a fall occur. We recommend carrying a screw-in step or a relief strap so that you can hang comfortably until you are rescued, or so you can rescue yourself.
  • Hunters should let someone know where they’ll be hunting and when they plan to return home.

We want every Pennsylvania hunter’s experience in the woods to be a positive and safe one. Wearing a harness and taking these safety precautions seriously can ensure that archers come home safely. Click here for more tree stand safety tips.

Remember: Hunt safely. Wear a harness.

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