Quail with Rice


It’s Wild Game Wednesday!

Bobwhite Quail season opened on Monday, and runs through Dec. 24, then reopens Dec. 26-Feb. 28 (8 daily, 24 possession). Prehistoric evidence of bobwhite quail in Pennsylvania dates back as early as the 1400’s with the discovery of their bones found in early human settlements. Through the advent of recorded history, early peoples utilized quail as a food source.

The northern bobwhite quail has been a long-standing resident of Pennsylvania until just recently. The Game Commission has been working hard to restore quail habitat and bring bobwhites back to their northern range. Click here to learn about the Northern Bobwhite Quail Management Plan for Pennsylvania: 2011-2020.

On Wild Game Wednesday, we take a moment to recognize one of the most important reasons people take to the woods and fields to hunt: to fill their freezers with types of fresh, organic meat. These regular posts include delicious, easy and seasonal wild game recipes from the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Game Cookbook that you and your family can prepare. Enjoy!

Quail with Rice

CLICK HERE if you are interested in more wild game recipes submitted by people from around Pennsylvania. You can purchase the second edition of the cookbook for less than $10!

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