Lessen the Odds of a Bird/Window Collision at Your Home

Photo credit: Jacob Dingel.


Your stomach sinks and heart races as you approach the window to see what beautiful bird hit it this time. It’s autumn and birds are on the move to warmer climates.

Bird/window collisions are a common occurrence this time of year. Many times the birds will appear stunned, and will fly away. Unfortunately, many of the birds that fly away from window strikes have likely sustained some sort of damage from the collision and may not survive.

If you’re hoping there’s something you can do to help lessen the odds of a bird flying into your window, good news, there is!

The American Bird Conservancy has compiled excellent information on this topic, including strategies to prevent your windows from reflecting the sky and trees. These reflections are what confuses the birds. To them, they see a nice perch in the distance, only to blindly be stopped short by a window pane. “Thud.”

As you enjoy the phenomena of bird migration this fall, check out these science-based solutions to prevent window collisions – many of which were developed by Pennsylvania ornithologists.

Millions of birds pass through Penn’s Woods in spring and fall during migration, including several Species of Greatest Conservation Need identified in Pennsylvania’s Wildlife Action Plan. These birds face many obstacles along their journey. Each of us can make a difference at our own houses to make their trip a bit easier.

-Cathy Haffner, Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Biologist


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