Hunter-Style Grouse


It’s Wild Game Wednesday!

The ruffed grouse has been Pennsylvania’s official state bird since 1931, and its beauty is admired by hunters and non-hunters alike. Grouse are still plentiful in parts of Penn’s Woods, and they can be found throughout much of the northern part of our continent in areas of suitable habitat. Grouse are gallinaceous birds and are related to quail, turkeys, pheasants and ptarmigan. The statewide grouse season opens this Saturday, Oct. 13 and runs through Nov. 24. Good luck to our grouse hunters who plan to be afield this weekend and beyond.

On Wild Game Wednesday, we take a moment to recognize one of the most important reasons people take to the woods and fields to hunt: to fill their freezers with types of fresh, organic meat. These weekly posts include delicious, easy and seasonal wild game recipes from the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Game Cookbook that you and your family can prepare.

Let us know if you try this recipe. Enjoy!


If you are interested in more wild game recipes, visit to purchase the second edition of the cookbook for less than $10!

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