#PGCeaglecam NEWS


3/30/16 UPDATE

It appears the eaglet that hatched on Monday night on the ‪#‎PGCeaglecam‬ did not survive. As we’ve noted, the live stream provides an opportunity to view wildlife in its natural setting. Sometimes, that may include scenes that are difficult to watch.

The Game Commission will not intervene in this situation. Federal safeguards exist to protect nesting eagles. Persons encroaching a 660-foot perimeter around a nest are in violation of federal law. At this point, we will continue to monitor the nest and the second egg


An eaglet has made its appearance on the ‪#‎PGCeaglecam‬! View the nest activities LIVE here: http://bit.ly/PGCeaglecam Visit http://bit.ly/PGCeaglecam2 to view the infrared camera.

This is a joint project between the Pennsylvania Game Commission, HDOnTap, ComcastBusiness, Codorus State Park, Friends of Codorus State Park and others. Thank you for your support of Pennsylvania wildlife.

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