7 Turkey Hunting Safety Tips

Spring gobbler season is coming up. Here are a few safety tips:

1. Positively Identify Your Target

Be certain the bird is fully and plainly visible before pulling the trigger. Do not shoot at sounds or movement.

2. Never Stalk a Turkey

Movement or sounds you think are a turkey may be another hunter. Be patient and let the bird come to you.

3. Protect your back

Bobby - Box Call - Turkey Hunt

Select a large tree, rock or other natural barrier while calling. Hunt in open woods.

4. Shout “STOP” to alert approaching hunters

Never move, wave or make turkey sounds to alert others of your position.

5. Dress to be safe

Never wear red, white, blue or black clothing. These are the colors found on mature gobblers

6. Cover up

Don’t carry harvested birds in the open. Cover them with fluorescent orange or completely conceal from view in a game bag.

7. Be seen

Fluorescent orange is not required for spring gobbler hunting. However, wearing fluorescent orange ,especially while moving, is an added safety precaution

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