#EggWatch turned into #HanoverEagletNews

It’s been an eventful couple of months for the eagle pair featured on the camera. After cozying up their nest, the eagle couple was captured beak-to-beak on video, in what resembled their sharing a kiss. Then on Valentine’s Day, the first egg was laid. A second egg followed on Feb. 17.

Over the next few weeks, the birds became a nationwide sensation – particularly during a snowstorm when one of adults allowed itself to be buried in falling snow so that the eggs could remain warm and dry. While such behavior is typical, it’s seldom something that can be viewed.


On the morning of March 24, live stream viewers caught the first glimpse of an eaglet. The following morning, viewers spotted a second eaglet.


Eagles feed eaglets.


Live stream viewers can follow the eaglet conversation on social media by searching #HanoverEagletNews. People can also post screen captures and read updates on the Game Commission’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

The eagle cam is a joint project of the Game Commission, HDOnTap and Comcast Business. Viewers from more than 140 countries have accessed the live stream so far. And the total duration of the video viewed so far equals nearly 380 years’ worth.

Dave Dombroski, vice president of Comcast Business for its Keystone Region, said the company is proud to partner in this endeavor, which not only captivated viewers around the world, but has helped educate them about our national bird and symbol of freedom, the bald eagle.

HDOnTap provided the camera that relays high definition video from the nest, as well as the live streaming services so many have used.

The Game Commission also would like to thank the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Codorus State Park and the Friends of Codorus State Park, Swam Electric and Sunbelt Rentals for their roles in making the eagle cam a reality.

Click to view the eagle cam on the Game Commission’s website. The live stream can be played by clicking on the window near the top of the page, and all sorts of other useful information about eagles also is available at the site.

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