“Deer” Santa–Gifts for Outdoors People

The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Outdoor Shop offers several NEW gift options for the holiday season. Pennsylvania PGC Cook Bookt  600 x 600

Game Commission Game Cookbook, Second Edition  Back by popular demand, the Pennsylvania Game Commission released The Pennsylvania Game Cookbook, Second Edition. The mouthwatering small game, big game and migratory game bird recipes have been tried, tasted and submitted by wild game hunters and cooks. In addition, readers will find field dressing and preparation guidelines to help hunters take the game from the field to the table. $9.43 (plus tax and shipping) DeerHuntingGamenews

Pennsylvania Deer Hunting, Through the Pages of Game News  Outdoor writer, Tyler Frantz, paged through 960 back issues of Game News magazine to piece together the collection of deer-hunting stories now contained within the 174-page softbound book. Each chapter is bound by a common thread, be it the advent of bowhunting in the 1950s, the buck-hunting boom of the 60s, or the return to primitive black powder hunting in the 70s; this book is a journey through our state’s whitetail hunting history. $15.50 (plus tax and shipping)


2014 Big Game Records Book  The Big Game Records book contains nearly 4,000 entries in 10 categories and is the complete official listing of all trophy big game animals taken in the Keystone State. A few of the trophies listed in the records were taken 100 or more years ago, but many others have been taken in recent years. The scoring program uses the Boone & Crockett Club measuring system. The record book is not only interesting, but it can be used as a tool to identify where the “big ones” are being taken. The book also illustrates color pictures of some of the trophy big game animals. $6.00 (plus tax and shipping) Hunters, wildlife watchers and outdoor adventurers may also be interested in these books. 

Loved one not a book worm? Don’t fret. Look over these other possibilities for: Patch Collectors:

  • Youth Hunt Patches (NEW in 2014)
  • Triple Trophy Patches
  • Upland Bird Series Patches
  • Elk Hunt Patches
  • Field Notes Patches
  • Working Together for Wildlife Patches
  • Working Together for Wildlife Patches Display Frame

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  • Working Together for Wildlife prints
  • Duck Stamp prints
  • Fine Art prints

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Wildlife Watchers

Additional items are available for sale online in the Outdoor Shop.

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