Mentored Adult Hunting Program

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The Mentored Adult Hunting Program is designed to allow first-time hunters 18 years old and older to participate in hunting through the mentorship of a  licensed hunter. Adults obtaining a permit through the program would be able to take part in hunting activities without first passing a basic Hunter-Trapper Education course. A mentor must be a licensed person 21 years or older who is serving as a guide to the mentored adult.

Who qualifies for the mentored adult hunting program?

Adult applicants 18 or older who have never held a prior hunting license within the Commonwealth, or another state or nation, are eligible to participate in the Mentored Adult Hunting Program.

How long can an adult hunt under this program?

Mentored adult hunting permits are available for a total of three consecutive, unbroken license years, after which a hunter-trapper education certificate and an applicable adult hunting license are required.

Species, Seasons & Bag Limits:

— A mentored adult can hunt only squirrels, woodchucks, ruffed grouse, rabbits, pheasants, bobwhite quail, hares, porcupines, crows, coyotes, antlerless* deer and wild turkeys.# Species must be hunted in their respective seasons, and daily and field possession bag limits for each species must be followed.

* A mentor can transfer one valid antlerless deer license and/or one Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) permit to a mentored adult. Antlerless licenses are valid within the wildlife-management unit for which they were issued. DMAP permits are valid on the specific properties for which they were issued. The transfer of the antlerless license may not occur until after the mentored adult has harvested the antlerless deer, but before tagging the carcass. A mentored adult is ineligible to make direct application for an antlerless license or DMAP permit.

# A mentor can transfer one fall turkey tag to a mentored adult if the individual harvests a fall turkey. The transfer of the fall turkey tag may not occur until after the mentored adult has harvested the bird, but before tagging the carcass.

— The mentored adult must tag and report deer and turkey harvests as specified elsewhere in the 2014 Hunting & Trapping Digest relating to tagging and reporting big-game kills.


— A mentored adult must hunt within eyesight of his or her adult mentor, and at a proximity close enough for verbal instruction and guidance to be easily understood. A mentor may not accompany more than one mentored adult at any given time. A mentor may not accompany a junior hunter or a mentored youth hunter in addition to a mentored adult.

— A mentor and mentored adult must be in compliance with fluorescent orange requirements for the species they are hunting.


A mentor is responsible and accountable for all actions of the mentored adult while engaged in hunting or related activities. A mentor who causes or allows a mentored adult to engage in an unlawful act shall be punishable as the principal offender.


The cost of the resident mentored adult permit is $20.70; nonresident mentored adult permit is $101.70.

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