A Story of Restoration

A Story of Restoration

Strip mining began in Pennsylvania in the 1940s. A strip mine results in the removal of vegetation, dirt and rocks to gain access to coal and other mineral deposits.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission began purchasing the land in Elk County that came to be known as State Game Land 311 in the 1990s. Much of this land had been used for strip mining.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission and several conservation organizations worked together to improve the habitat in the Elk County area.

They decided to spread paper mill waste products on the land to see if the lime in it would help to raise the pH level in the soil. It worked!

The paper pulp product made it possible for the soil to support the growth of grasses and clovers. This vegetation created food and cover for wildlife in the area.

We appreciate the efforts of the Game Commission staff and conservation organization staff and volunteers who helped to restore this land to a more natural state.

Happy Earth Day!

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