Pennsylvania eBird

Pennsylvania eBird

Biologists from the Pennsylvania Game Commission often write articles for the Pennsylvania eBird website. Pennsylvania eBird is a site that experienced birders use to monitor bird population trends, migration updates and seasonal information. The Pennsylvania eBird portal gives the agency an opportunity to engage the Pennsylvania birding community in monitoring the state’s bird populations.  This week’s spotlight is on the red-headed woodpecker. (photo by Jacob Dingel)

“The Red-headed Woodpecker is one of the most recognizable and attractive birds of the continent. It is the rarest breeding woodpecker in Pennsylvania, where this species approaches the northeast extent of its regular nesting range. It seems to be undergoing a population decline and range contraction.

The Ornithological Technical Committee (OTC) recently responded to the reported decline by listing the Red-headed Woodpecker as a Pennsylvania Vulnerable species. In the Wildlife Action Plan it is designated a species of Maintenance Concern. Monitoring this once much more common species is a critical part of its conservation.”

To read more about the red-headed woodpecker and other birds of Pennsylvania visit

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